“Beside You”

I wrote this last night for my wife. It was inspired by the card I bought her. Today is our Fourth Anniversary. That seems like a long time for a young married couple.

This is the first and last draft. No matter what it might have been had I refined it a little, this is it, so be gentle.

Beside You

The world will change around you
The seasons and the days
My love is ever constant
Spanning through always

The world can change too fast
While time may seem too slow
But we’ll go through together
Because at your pace I’ll go

While the world may just enjoy you
For a season or a year
I’ll enjoy you ever
‘Cause I’ll always be right here

On your walk don’t be frightened
Lonely or dismayed
Because this worn path you’ve trodden
Together we both made

Happy Anniversary—October 7th, 2004

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