Chipmunk Mentality

Yes, I said it.

Why is it that small, furry creatures wait until a car is coming before they try to cross the road?

A squirrel, for instance, will sit by the side of the road happily chewing on an acorn until it sees a car coming. At that time it will lower the acorn, look at the car, look across the road, and when the car is close enough it will pounce out in leaps and bounds. Invariably, halfway across the road it will start to second-guess itself. It will then dart back and forth across the middle of the road until it either decides to go all the way across, or sprint back for it’s starting place, barely missing your front tire.

Stupid squirrels. That’s why monkeys are better.

We won’t talk about another animal favorite of mine…the frog…

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4 Responses to Chipmunk Mentality

  1. brian says:

    the cool thing about frogs is that they are probably the only animal that goes completely flat when you run over them.

  2. Anonymous says:

    and are good with Ketchup… 😈

  3. Roger says:

    Yes…that is the cool thing about frogs. How amazing that you figured out my obsession
    with them on your first guess (:no:)

    M. Anonymous. It is no fun for people to remain anonymous. 😛 (Though Adelphia Cable is a lot closer to home than Southwestern Bell. I thought the Twisted smiley looked familiar…)

  4. Cousin Dave says:

    Squirrels are just Rats with bushy tails… No loss.:rmfo:

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