Finally…The Gym

It has been a very, very long time since I worked out at the gym, seven years if I remember correctly. Many months ago I promised to start working out again once I returned to school this fall. The day finally came.

I went right in this morning, by myself (it’s not as fun that way, by the way), and started in on the old routine. I did not have the mentality that I mentioned in the above link, but I was determined to work out again. I want to. I need to. My wife wants me to :grin:. Many years have led to many extra pounds I haul around. It is bad for my back…and my self esteem.

I found it funny that, for the most part, the same machines were there in the same general arrangement. I guess I didn’t have to worry about being disoriented. What was not the same, however, was my level of ability. I tried to remember where I was at seven years ago (that’s too long to remember, you might say, but the weight room was a big part of my life) and thought I did a little. I dropped the weights 20-30 lbs or so lighter than where I left off seven years ago. This was not enough.

Unless you are a first-timer at the gym, working without a personal trainer to ease you in, I don’t think there is any way I can describe how sore I am now or how sore I know I will be when I wake up tomorrow morning. As it is now, getting on the treadmill after lifting was very rough on my legs. My normal walking speed (quite brisk) has been stunted, taking me much longer to walk the length of campus after the workout than it did before. And then, to get to the computer cluster, I met…the stairs. The stairs, ever my friends beforehand, just sat there, laughing at me, taunting me: “yes, walk down, walk down, c’mon, you do it every other day…don’t you like us any more?” They knew I was in pain, those evil stairs. I guess if there are two things you can’t trust in life, it would have to be wild animals and stairs. They see your weakness and charge in, much like a lioness stalking a herd of zebra.

Quite honestly, I don’t remember walking down the stairs, or up the small flight to get to the level I’m on now, but I must have done it. Either that or I fell all the way down, bruising myself in hundreds of spots externally and internally, and was awakened by concerned passers-by who happened to carry smelling salts. Either way, there’s no doubt I am going to be in agony tomorrow morning.

Just in time for my anniversary.

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3 Responses to Finally…The Gym

  1. Hannah says:

    hooray for excercising – even if it does force you to become painfully aware of body parts you never knew you had. I’m about to start my new regime… picking up the old ballet (videos, not a class unfortunately) to get back in shape and toned after baby #2.

  2. the Sage says:

    This will be like a dress rehearsal, then, for future anniversaries when you will feel that way without exercising!

  3. Roger says:

    Hannah: That’s cool. It’s sad when ladies let having a baby ruin their shape for the rest of their

    Sage: 😆

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