Monkey Pizza

Get Fuzzy is definitely the best new comic strip out there. Bucky, however, has seen fit to make himself the enemy of monkeys everywhere, and therefore the enemy of this site’s mascot, Qwert Yuppy himself.

May the best mammal win.

Get Fuzzy

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5 Responses to Monkey Pizza

  1. Hannah says:

    monkey traps off the coast of maine! :rmfo:

  2. Roger says:

    Isn’t that hilarious!? 😆

  3. Qwert Yuppy says:

    No it isn’t! Who asked you!

    Off with you! Pssssh!

  4. the Sage says:

    I like my monkey with butter sauce.

  5. Qwert Yuppy says:

    There will be no eating of monkey on my website!!!!:evil:

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