My Personal RMFO Hall of Fame

(I had some fancy, maybe even touching things to say to introduce this post, but I lost them somehow not once, but TWICE as I typed them up on different days. Now I want to make it short and sweet.)

The Rumor Forum is a community I became a part of to talk about my favorite band, Caedmon’s Call. (Save after every sentence.) It has become more than that to me. It is an online community where I can discuss and relax with people I have now come to think of as friends, though I have met none of them.

The Rumor Forum was the impetus behind starting a site in honor of Qwert Yuppy, an old character my cousin and I created for our pretend newspaper Monkey News.

The purpose of this post is to have a place where I can store my “best of” topics, most of which I have participated in, from the Rumor Forum. These are not an all-around best-of, but topics that are near an dear to my heart. As I participate in new topics that I want to save a remembrance of, and as I find old topics I enjoyed, I’ll add them to this post.

You are not expected to keep up, or even comment. This is all for me.

(Note: You will not be able to link to these topics unless you are a member of the Rumor Forum community.)

Roger Seuss

The Gang is a thread about a sort of English Gentleman’s Club.

Roger the Monkey

The Chrissyan Faith

Where’s Roger? Haiku

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2 Responses to My Personal RMFO Hall of Fame

  1. Eric says:

    Roger wrote: This is all for me.

    SELFISH!!!! :trout:

  2. Roger says:

    :shrug: You can read them too if you want. You’re part of RMFO.

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