Second Exam

The first exam I had this semester was in Animal Breeding. To anyone who thinks this may sound cool, let me burst your bubble: It is all statistics (meaning numbers and lots of formulas involving Greek letters).

I earned an 89 on that test. Not good enough for Mike’s exclusive A’s club.

Now onto the second exam. I just took it this morning, so I don’t have the grade back. I think I did ‘pretty good’. Here’s my breakdown of what that means (as emailed to my wife):

Great: Definite A
Good or OK: Definite B
Pretty Good: At least a C, but I’m hopeful for a B. I may have earned it…
Ehhh, or Not so good/great: C
Bombed: D or less

Knowing that I could have done better made for a good day in the gym. What I didn’t accomplish on the test, I accomplished on the treadmill. I tried to accomplish it on the weights, too, but I forgot my notecard on which I’ve listed how much weight I use at each machine. Since I didn’t have it, I guessed. A few times I guessed too much. That would explain why I didn’t feel up to par with the weights.

That and I’m a wimp.

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3 Responses to Second Exam

  1. Cousin Dave says:

    I know an easy Greek formula to get all a’s on breeding tests.. Alpha male always gets the chickss…. Well maybe Beta when Alpha is away on vacation or a business trip.. Easy A Rog!

  2. Roger says:

    I think things work a little differently among cows than they do among wolves, Dave. :yes:

  3. Cousin Dave says:

    You tell that to the Big Bull! I am most certainly not!:oops:

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