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“See Me Through”

Today’s post is a song I wrote. It is officially my eighth song. I started out wanting to write about things that I know to be true, things that could not be argued. I was sitting in class alone, so … Continue reading

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Meet the Staff

Senior Editor–“Fingers” McGee.

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(Not So) Important Notice From the Admin

When Roger is away… the Admin will play! 😈 So, what sort of mischief should I do while Roger is gone? He won’t notice until Monday the 29th, so I could wreak all sorts of havoc. First, I am going … Continue reading

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Blank Week

In light of the fact that today is my only day here at the University this week and the fact that I’m leaving soon to go home, I think I’ll put off all posting until next week. Take care.

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Scene 11: UNDERSCORE STEVE at The John Larroquette Project

(Adapted from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Names and actions courtesy of event that occur at the Rumor Forum and The John Larroquette Project) [trumpets] ACOUSTIC JOE: The Tale of SIR UNDERSCORE STEVE. [boom] [wind] [howl] [howl] [boom] [DeShazo … Continue reading

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There are two reasons I feel comfortable posting my first recorded poem today. 1) Nobody ever responds to my poems (in general…almost as a rule, though) and 2) it is my birthday so people are more prone to go easy … Continue reading

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How Do You Listen To Music?

Geof asked the question in his recent post. He also mentioned that we could write about it and just let him know. What an excellent idea! With money being tight in our house, and with me being as picky as … Continue reading

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“A Bad Year For Tomatoes”

A week ago Saturday my wife and I went to a small stage set in a hidden school in an out-of-the-way town to see a play called “A Bad Year for Tomatoes” which I had read about in the paper. … Continue reading

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Qwert Yuppy Loose in India!

“Pesky, protected monkeys doing hard time in jail” BY KIM BARKER (Chicago Tribune): PATIALA, India – (KRT) – The thief threatened children with bricks and ripped the buttons off shirts. He stole tomatoes from one home and snatched bread from … Continue reading

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“My Baby Doesn’t Smile Anymore”

My wife was just getting up from a nap while I was wide awake and bouncing around, talking her head off. She wasn’t impressed. I told her I was going to write a country song called My Baby Doesn’t Smile … Continue reading

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After The Concert

I hate big cities. Keep in mind that a big city to me might be a comparative hamlet to you. For me, anything larger than Bangor, Maine is a big city. Therefore my disappointment in having to go to Portland, … Continue reading

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Mark Schultz/Avalon Concert

Matthew West I must confess, Mr West Did not strike my…interest. He sang every word, even when talking, Which he not only did between songs But during songs, too. I still can’t help but feel bad for performers, though, When … Continue reading

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The Service Station Time Forgot

This one is dedicated to Trey who often regales us with tales of small towns…I hope you will all take the extra time necessary to read the entire thing and let me know what you think…nothing beats a true story… … Continue reading

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Share the Well

One thing I have to explain is that I don’t keep up with the band’s going ons as much as I would like to, nor as much as I could, nor as much as many other people do (you know … Continue reading

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A Few Notes

1) My new moderation is working great. I just deleted 79 spam comments before they were posted to my site. It took a lot less time than when I had to delete the after they were posted. Ahhh… 2) Teaser: … Continue reading

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Bumper Stickers

They are such great things. You can either sum up or solve all the world’s problems on a 3 X 15″ sticker. Now that’s efficiency! For example, one of my favorites: “I started with nothing, and I still have most … Continue reading

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Mark Schultz, Guilt Free!

In order to go to the Mark Schultz concert this Thursday night I was going to skip two classes. One Thursday afternoon so that I could get to Portland in a timely manner and one Friday morning so I could … Continue reading

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Someone’s Trick is NOT a Treat

Thank you to all my friends and family who visit and post here. I wish debilitating physical and mental injuries upon those who have wasted my time by mass posting ‘spam’ comments to my site. Last Wed. or Fri. I … Continue reading

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