After The Concert

I hate big cities. Keep in mind that a big city to me might be a comparative hamlet to you. For me, anything larger than Bangor, Maine is a big city. Therefore my disappointment in having to go to Portland, Maine for this concert. One of my reasons for disliking big cities reaffirmed itself after the concert November 4th.

When we left the parking garage beside Cumberland County Civic Center we had to go out a different exit than the one near the entrance. If we had exited near the entrance we would have known where we were. That is probably why the sadistic workers make you leave another way. We left the Civic Center having no idea where we were. I had gotten directions to the Center by calling a friend who lives nearby. I only got exact directions to the Center. Leaving by a different street was not entered into the directions.

The street we turned onto was a one-way street, so I had no choice in that turn. The road that it brought us onto seemed to lead almost immediately to a residential area. That was weird because the Civic Center was in the middle of town. We followed this road, taking a couple of turns that we thought would bring us back toward the interstate. Wrong. Somewhere, somehow in the midst of the rain and some slight fog we ended up on some sort of hill overlooking town, or a part of town in the midst of some out of the way residential area that seemed light-years away from the interstate.

I was very frustrated at being lost in an enormous amorphous city, which I knew nothing about, but I had heard about these city overlooks before. To get my mind off my current aggravation I suggested, as is natural for a couple at a city overlook, that we stop by the overlook and makeout. This did not go over well. It was 11:30 at night, we were two hours or more away from home, and my wife had promised to get to work as early as she could the next day (after getting a decent amount of sleep). Now not only were we lost in this large city, but I was missing out of my one and only chance to take advantage of a city overlook. :sigh:

I decided to head back the way we had come (amazing thought, eh?) and we eventually found civilization again (ie downtown). Our joy was soon dampened by the fact that none of the street signs gave directions on how to get to the interstate. Normally, in the midst of a town that an interstate runs through, little shield-shaped signs can be seen every so often giving hopelessly lost drivers a beacon toward freedom. Not in this horrid metropolis. After driving through parts of town we were sure we didn’t pass on the way in (*bump, bump, bump* “Did we drive over cobblestone road on the way in?” “I don’t think so…” “Me either…”) we miraculously spotted a sign pointing the way straight ahead toward interstate 295.

Apparently God had realized that we had reached the point in our trials at which we needed a way of escape so the burden would not be greater than we could bear.

I hate big cities.

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5 Responses to After The Concert

  1. andrew says:

    …and Portland loves you, Roger. 😉

    Seriously, it can be a very confusing place if you’re not used to it. I’d have offered to be a native guide were I anywhere close to home last week. 🙂

  2. Hannah says:

    Bangor is a big city to me. I get lost there.

  3. Eric says:

    Try driving in New York or Boston… 👿

  4. Roger says:

    My friend Mark and I were lost for hours in Boston trying to get to Fenway! The club we wanted to go to was right beside it (there was a band playing that we wanted to see that night)

  5. I liked downtown Portland when we had a few hours to kill waiting for the ferry to Nova Scotia. While Karyn slept in the car, I wandered the bohemian section…quite a cool scene, but boy the climbs up some of those streets…whew!

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