Bumper Stickers

They are such great things. You can either sum up or solve all the world’s problems on a 3 X 15″ sticker. Now that’s efficiency!

For example, one of my favorites: “I started with nothing, and I still have most of it left” This sticker sums up a great problem in this world: Someone is stealing our nothing while we sleep. Who would do such a thing? Are they gnomes? Why do gnomes steal your stuff while you sleep? If they don’t, why do they have such a bad rap? If it’s not the gnomes, who is it? It would be a shame to have to leave this life without all the nothing I started with.

Another sticker: “Mean people suck” This adequately sums up another of the worlds largest problems. How much better would this world be if the mean people didn’t suck? I live for a day when mean people are the ideal citizen, the crème de la crème of society. Yes, when the mean people no longer suck, you know the world has reached equilibrium once more. Now we just need a bumper sticker to solve that problem…

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    Thanks, man!

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