(Not So) Important Notice From the Admin

When Roger is away… the Admin will play!


So, what sort of mischief should I do while Roger is gone? He won’t notice until Monday the 29th, so I could wreak all sorts of havoc.

First, I am going to blatantly promote some websites… let’s see…

Brick Labs – Lego Robotics and Mindstorms
Crafts At Home – Craft ideas you can do from home.

OK, what else… I will start accepting ideas (accompanied by payment) for possible changes to Qwert Yuppy.com

Any Takers?

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9 Responses to (Not So) Important Notice From the Admin

  1. Nakal says:

    So the monkey finally let his pet human talk 😛

  2. Eric says:

    Ok, where is the Ban feature… 😈

    WAIT! If I ban his IP, then I can’t post either… Being Admin shouldn’t be so tough… too many decisions.

  3. Cousin Dave says:

    May i suggest bringing in Lepers from Nepal and force them to do the “Irish Jig” until there limbs and flesh flail away! 😆

  4. Eric says:

    Can the Nepalese do the Irish Jig? Or would we have to invest in lessons? That would raise the cost…

    Unless we bring in those of Irish/Nepalese descent… 😈

  5. Roger says:

    How about I don’t bust your kneecaps if you step away from the site, slowly…:evil:

  6. Eric says:

    You better hire Adrience… she is better at kneecapping that you are… 😈

  7. Hannah says:

    uh-oh… busted


  8. Roger says:

    Speaking of the monkey (comment #1) wait until you see the picture I’ll be posting soon. Someone at work had a monkey at a computer picture. Stay tuned.

  9. Eric says:

    [plugs Roger’s ears]
    Looks like I will have to work on a new strategy for the Christmas holidays… this last one didn’t work to well…
    [/unplugs Roger’s ears]

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