“My Baby Doesn’t Smile Anymore”

My wife was just getting up from a nap while I was wide awake and bouncing around, talking her head off. She wasn’t impressed. I told her I was going to write a country song called My Baby Doesn’t Smile Anymore. She didn’t care. After a few minutes she came out of her funk, waking fully up, but I was off using my artistic license. I wrote it, but it’s not country…I just can’t bring myself to do that. Too much pride, I guess. By the time I finished writing the chorus it was pretty depressing and I figured I needed a sense of hope to end with. Here is, officially, the ninth song I’ve written.

My Baby Doesn’t Smile Anymore
She is loved and she’s adored
She’s been requested and implored
She’s given all I can afford
But she’ll respond not a word
My baby… doesn’t smile… anymore

I’ll hold her hand, look in her eye
Give her a grin, I’ll laugh, I’ll cry
I’ll give her all money can buy
But she’ll respond with just a sigh
My baby…doens’t smile…anymore

She’s been so long in her own world
Like a frightened little girl
She is my gold, diamond, my pearl
But that don’t make her smile anymore

She has been blessed by God on high
She is most precious in his eye
But she has wandered as time’s gone by
And now she don’t smile anymore

There is nothing I can do
So I can only look to You
Author of all things, old and new
You alone can bring her through
To make my baby smile…once more

-November 11th, 2004

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3 Responses to “My Baby Doesn’t Smile Anymore”

  1. Sorry, but that’s so country!

    And frankly, a little harsh take on someone who just wasn’t fully awake. Hope you can convince her that it’s not really about her, or your “baby won’t be smiling anymore!” 😉

  2. Cousin Dave says:

    Somewhere… A Dog just died….:roll:

  3. Roger says:

    I only need ideas about things to write, they don’t have to be true once I have the idea in my head.

    It’s not country! Sometimes I wish I could sing…I’d show you…

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