Share the Well

One thing I have to explain is that I don’t keep up with the band’s going ons as much as I would like to, nor as much as I could, nor as much as many other people do (you know who you are), so my review is from my point of view only.

Share the Well
Great song to lead in with! I personally think this should have been the first radio release from the CD. This song sets the tempo and the underlying message for the CD, while also incorporating the indigenous sounds they worked with. This song uses Dalit freedom chorus and instrumentation that sounds like it was inspired by the country. We should all, as Christians and human beings, share the well (of wealth) that we have been given by our heavenly father.

There Is Only One (Holy One)
The song’s title is too long. But moving beyond that moot point, there are some (who have been around Caedmon’s longer than I have) who don’t believe this song fits on the CD, assumedly because it doesn’t have the indigenous sound that all the other songs have or because of the subject matter of the song. I would have to disagree and state that it does belong perfectly on this, or probably any other CD. It belongs on and CD because no matter what you are discussing, no matter where you go, no matter what situation you are in anywhere on this earth you can take comfort that there is only one holy one. There is only one God. When visiting a country such as Hindu India you do not have to be confused over their pantheon of multiple millions of supposed gods. Neither do you have to be confused over a Buddha or an Allah or a Voodoo religion. There is only one. God be praised; who could remember the names of a million gods? Jesus is all you need to know because he is the only one who is God.

Now as far as belonging instrumentally on this CD, I think this song fits because, regardless of having multiple band members and instruments available, it begins with just guitar (and a rhythm that gets the blood flowing when listened to at the appropriate volume). The simplistic feel fits this CD production perfectly. I think that is different and also when the percussion begins it takes on an aboriginal feel to it, both the percussion and the background noises the band makes throughout the latter part of the song.

Mother India
I like Danielle’s voice on this song. I can’t always say that, so when I get the opportunity it pleases me. I don’t have too much to say about this song except that I appreciate the change that takes place throughout the song, which the author points out, taking it from a sad beginning to a happy ending. Also I have to admit that when singing along with this song I often sing “Africa” instead of “India.” 😳

International Love Song
I think I can definitely now make the statement that this is my favorite song off the CD. I know everyone has their own favorites, but here’s why I like this one:

Cliff’s voice: At first I thought everything was sung with the hint of a smile in his voice, but when I actually listen to it (instead of playing it in my head) he is using a softer voice. I like that. I like it here and in The Roses.

Cliff and Danielle: The are singing excellent together here, better than I can ever remember (though I’m willing to go re-listen to verify that) and

In the overlapping: Though they are singing ‘together’, Cliff seems to be in his own little world still singing parts regarding the verses while Danielle is in the chorus. It amuses me to think of it like she is trying to progress the song, while he is still thinking about the original topic:
“You know a perfect love (maybe I’ll stay here…)
Is a world without hunger (maybe I’ll take you home…)”
It amuses me greatly.

Instruments: I like the fact that it sounds like nothing more than a guitar and a 5 gallon bucket. If you had those two instruments, you could play this song anywhere.

There doesn’t seem to be enough good I can say about this, for some reason. It’s not a deep song. (Though I had to listen to it twice while writing up my review, though all my notes on this one song had already been typed out at The Rumor Forum.)

All I Need (I Did Not Catch Her Name)
Another title that’s too long, when you include the parenthetical title. Is there a pattern here? Randall Goodgame did “There’s Only One” and “All I Need”. Yup. Someone needs to help him pare down his song titles, IMHO 😀

Now onto the meat of the song. This song tells an amazing truth that every single person on this earth needs to realize and live. The subject of this song realizes that whether rich or poor, happy or sad, surrounded by loved ones or alone Jesus is all she needs.

I like Danielle’s vocals on this song, too! I also think the background vocals are done really well. This song is the second time we hear Danielle sing a song written to be sung by a guy (“Tears in the eyes/Of this poor forgetful man”), the other time being “Climb On“. It seems some of Randall’s words are unnecessary since the liner lists a lot of “Ands” at the beginning of lines that she skips when singing. That’s the way things go sometimes…

The title of this song initially confused me, why is it not just called “Volcano”? Looking past that, the instrumentation and rhythm of this song is extremely fun. The ?ankle bells, claps, maraca type sounds, and pipes add a lot of interesting noises, while keeping it just this side of chaotic. It’s just a fun, happy, little song.

El Senor es siempre bueno: God is always good.

The Roses
This slow song tells a ‘simple’ story with a profound message. This is a beautiful tale of a man and his family who grow roses and live a life of those who really know Jesus. This is contrasted with the overly busy lives of us in the hectic United States. Cliff and Andy sing really well together here. It is well written, well played and well sung, both primary and back up vocals.

Bombay Rain
Andrew Osenga’s (of the Normals) singing debut for Caedmon’s Call. I think this song describes the overwhelming experience that a “small town” boy feels when traveling through the foreign city of Bombay. The sights and experiences may be overpowering, but the author knows that here, like everywhere else, he is a child of God and that here, like everywhere else, the rain falls on the just and the unjust. When boiling things down to some of the very lowest common denominators, we are not always as different as at first glance

The Innocent’s Corner
Mostly this song confuses me because I don’t grasp enough of the story behind it. There’s too much in the lyrics that you d0n’t understand if you don’t have a good grasp of the background story. “Promises made by her father/no match for hunger’s incline” what is that talking about?

Again, I like Danielle’s voice, so that’s not my problem with the song…I guess, according to Josh that this is where the CD began, this started everything off. Unfortunately I understand the whole CD except this song. I’m an idiot.

Also, I don’t like the term “quicksand indifference”. I’ve mulled it and chewed it over many different ways, but my attempts at understanding continually reject it.

Ending: At the end, especially, I would add some haunting background vocals behind Danielle. This would mean using Andy. I think some haunting, counter, background vocals would be great. Not just “ooooohhh”, etc, but actual words, lines. And lastly, why the false ending? I don’t like it. The song should have ended the first time. Resuming the music doesn’t add anything to it.

The only song on the CD with Cliff’s name as inspiring the words and music. I keep hoping that Cliff will become a songwriter as well as an awesome vocalist, but so far my hopes are in vain (not because of this song, I just meant because of his lack of writing lyrics in general).

When I went over the lyrics really quick, I thought this was just going to be some kind of “filler” song, but hearing it and delving into the meaning behind the lyrics makes this song so much more. It’s a very upbeat song (musically), though SaraLa is probably not feeling upbeat. Maybe the tempo reflects all the things going on around her and overwhelming her?

The story could not only be of SaraLa visiting a strange place for the first time, but also the band. I love the harmonies in this song, as well as the upbeat rhythm.

Wings Of The Morning
I want to like this song, I really do. It just has too much going against it for me. The first and biggest problem I have is with Danielle’s voice in this one. I don’t like it at all. It’s too high. Also, what’s up with her own background echo as she sings?

I don’t like the phrase “The message every politician knows,” not because it is untrue, but just because I don’t think it fits in the song, maybe in any song. I know it fits as in it’s appropriate in what is going on in that land, but I don’t think it fits as in I think it is too gaudy for lyrical value. The following line “When we’re fed that we are nothing we’ll believe it/And then do what we are told,” to me, says all you need to say.
Similarly the phrase “Ask any good detective he will tell you” seems out of place and gaudy to me. Again the following line “It’s the eyes that always give the truth away” seems to tell all that needs to be said. Unfortunately I don’t have any good replacement suggestions for Andy and Josh on those lines, so maybe I shouldn’t voice my complaints at all.

I like the music for this song, but not the vocals and those two phrases. I’ve forced myself to listen to the song many times, trying to like it, but I think it’s going to be the one and only skipper for me on the CD (regrettably, since the music is pretty cool). Don’t feel too bad, guys, I skip almost every single one of Derek’s Caedmon songs. Also, it’s not your fault that Danielle is the one recorded singing it…or is it?

Dalit Hymn
Great vocals and percussion on the last song. The message is a strong one, were it ever to reach the Prime Minister’s ears, but you have to wonder how seriously they would take an American band’s call for social and political reform. Isn’t that like listening to Bono or Bruce Springsteen tell us how to vote? Nevertheless, the song contains nothing but truth, as far as I can tell.

Have faith. Sub Kooch Ho Sak-ee Dey: Anything is possible with God.

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7 Responses to Share the Well

  1. Hannah says:

    I agree with you on “Wings of the Morning” – I desperately want to like that song because I really like the music, but the vocals keep throwing it. It doens’t feel like they fit well with the song. Bummer… ’cause I love the music at the beginning – and then I find my attention start to wander.

  2. Roger says:

    Yay! Congrats for making it through the first in my week-long series of long posts!
    (I get turned off when Danielle sings the first line)

  3. Hannah says:

    do I get a prize?

  4. Roger says:

    For you: :trout:

    Y’all come back now, ya hea? 😀

  5. Rhonda says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the album. I still haven’t listened to it enough to form a lot of opinions. But I do like Danielle’s voice more on Mother India than I have on any other song. I’m not a huge Danielle fan.

  6. Rog just gets brownie points for linking to the Song Vault.

  7. christiana says:

    i’m with you on danielle’s vocals on Mother India. I think it’s my favorite song she’s ever sung. nice honest review. thanks!

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