Someone’s Trick is NOT a Treat

Thank you to all my friends and family who visit and post here.

I wish debilitating physical and mental injuries upon those who have wasted my time by mass posting ‘spam’ comments to my site. Last Wed. or Fri. I deleted 40. Today it seems I have upward of 80. I have enabled some moderate commenting controls, some I should have done a long time ago (you have to type a name and an email address now, also comments containing some popular spam words are set for me to approve/disapprove…it is faster to approve an email than open an email, follow the spam comment link, delete the comment, then delete the email).

If anyone has any hints on other easy moderation controls, please let me know. I don’t want to make everyone register on my site in order to comment. Thank you.

Don’t expect to see me around anywhere for a while. 👿

11:39 AM–Done with the first 20…:evil:
11:51 AM–Done with the second 20…and OK’ing Geof’s helpful link and my response…I think I have to change something…👿
12:05 PM–Done with third set of 20…booted off email system for being logged on > 1 hour…:evil:
12:17 PM—Done with fourth set of 20…backside is getting numb…:evil:
12:28 PM–Done with fifth set of 20…👿
12:30 PM–Whew! Stick a fork in me…I’m DONE!

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6 Responses to Someone’s Trick is NOT a Treat

  1. Roger says:

    Thank You!!!

    By the way…I made it so I have to approve any comment with a hyperlink, too. 😆

  2. Hannah says:

    join the club, Roger – i just got back from a doctor’s appointment with the kiddies to a mailbox full of spam 👿

  3. Roger says:

    I don’t like this club. I think of it more as a support group, though (see Video Poker post)

  4. trey says:

    its funny.. I havent had any spam at all.. weird..
    I am SPAMLESS!..

  5. Roger says:

    Trey, you are most lucky. I just had 5 of the same guy’s comments go through my filter
    even though the met my conditions of a comment needing approval! 👿

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