Mercy Me–Undone

I should have known not a single person would comment on my song. The trends are obvious. Fortunately I won’t let that stop me from posting them in the future. Unfortunately, I don’t have many more.

I’m not going to do a big, long review like I did for Caedmon’s Call–Share the Well. I only want to say two small things.

1) If I had an opportunity to edit the lyrics, there are a few things I would change. Maybe minor things, but I think it would make the song sound better.

2) Get this guy a backup vocalist. There are a lot of places where a back up harmonizer would sound great, but apparently the band is lacking in this area. Spend some of that money giving another guy some vocal lessons. It will only help.

Those two things said, I like this CD a little more every time I listen. (I think I’m only on my third run-through.) A little more each time is a lot better than none at all each time considering my initial thoughts. Also, it’s worlds better than a little worse each time.

PS: On one song, “When You Spoke My Name”, the guitar reminds me of the band Who Stands? CD–For the Love of God (no link. Reilly culpa)

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2 Responses to Mercy Me–Undone

  1. Reilly says:

    Aw, crap. We sound like mercy me? I feel dirty.

  2. Roger says:

    No, no, no. On that ONE song, the guitar sounds like you guys. Your music was out first, so
    THEY sound like YOU. It’s more flattering that way. And less dirty.

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