I’ll leave you with the entire weekend to comment about my second official poem. I guess it follows the train of the first one, but is even sillier. My official introduction to this is: “A fun, silly poem”


Swirling and gurgling with nameless scum
Down through the city, my river did run
A man went diving, searching for loot
In my river he found a tire and a boot
Disappointed he turned with a sickened heart
And got his foot caught in an old shopping cart
He kicked and he hauled, to no avail
There was no one to hear his most desperate wail
In his search for knowledge, his looking around
A piece of trash caught him and, stranded, he drowned
I had another friend who lived up the street
He was the nicest man I’ve had the pleasure to meet
But for a few days he’s been gone, no one knows where
He said he was searching for loot in our air
The moral of the tale (I didn’t write it for fun)
Please protect the earth, for we have only one

Spring 1992

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2 Responses to “Pollution”

  1. Eric says:

    Roger’s a Tree-Hugger! Nya Nya Nya!


  2. Roger says:

    Am not.

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