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It’s about time for another poem, wouldn’t you agree? 😀 I wrote this poem in my high school Creative Writing class (where most of my first stuff is from). I have always loved to play football. Growing up I was … Continue reading

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I like to cause people to react. I like to say things surprising, silly and/or stupid and watch people’s faces for their reaction. If I do not get a reaction, then I have failed and I feel the need to … Continue reading

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David Crowder Band – Revolutionary Love

The sounds of this song are, indeed, pretty cool. However, 2 min. 20 sec. (radio version) is more like an interlude, NOT a song. Someone in the music industry is ignoring my rule: longer is better.

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In My Possession

I have the new Ted Dekker book Obsessed. It was not supposed to be out until February, but I have mine. 😀 Now to find the time to read it…:sad:

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Useless Wipers

Wouldn’t you know. While I’m seeking to collect myself to type up my next heartfelt post, something like this happens: My windshield wipers are almost useless. Luckily the driver’s side works OK, as long as I’m not going any faster … Continue reading

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Gorilla Ex Machina

I’m having a terrible time posting because when I write posts here at school, I don’t like them. The ones I write at home and bring in are better. The problem is that I don’t write at home. I have … Continue reading

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The Bar Has Been Set

For my birthday last November, the Doughtys adopted a monkey for me and presented it to me in grand celebration. His name is Ronnie and now my Triumverate is complete. I present to you Ramon, Ronnie and Brutus: Ramon is … Continue reading

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Why CCM?

Here’s something I began writing…well over a year ago. I meant to go further, but never got back to it. It’s complete enough as is. Here’s my reasoning for listening to Contemporary Christian Music (CCM): 1) I like the sound … Continue reading

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See No, Hear No, Speak No

Here’s a short poem I wrote one night last fall. I was in bed and this idea suddenly came to me. It’s Shel Silverstein-esque. It has no name; it’s just a silly little thing: The eye of the potato saw … Continue reading

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I Do Not Miss You

In the spirit of New Year’s reflections, I contemplated recently the fact that it has been over five years since I rid myself of my television. In an “Open Letter to TV” style post I just wanted to say to … Continue reading

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Sorry, Geof.

Instead of the post I told you I was going to put up as to why I won’t watch Northern Exposure, I’m not posting anything for a couple of days so that people can read, digest and respond to my … Continue reading

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“Perfect love is perfect vulnerability.” I heard this recently somewhere, but can’t remember where. That statement hit me pretty profoundly. I feel like I’m living it in my life. I’m sure I can’t claim perfect love, but I do know … Continue reading

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Fall 2004 Grades

Here’s a filler post, something I wanted to put up but doesn’t have anything to do with the current “new focus” of the site. My new focus won’t last anyway, so here’s to mixing things up a little: Dairy Cattle … Continue reading

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Enter The New Year…Wishing

Ahhh. I have finally returned. It’s good to see that the internet didn’t self-destruct without me. I had plans for this website when I first created it. I’ve also had plenty of plans go through my head since then. I … Continue reading

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