Fall 2004 Grades

Here’s a filler post, something I wanted to put up but doesn’t have anything to do with the current “new focus” of the site. My new focus won’t last anyway, so here’s to mixing things up a little:

Dairy Cattle Technology: A

Animal Breeding: A-

Senior Paper: A-

Hey Mike, does an A- count? 😎

Looking ahead, I have Psychology 100, Sociology 101, Animal Diseases and the second semester of my Senior Paper (the first two classes are necessary for me to get into PA school). I’ve had the first three classes already today and they seem quite interesing. They should keep me busy while at the same time not being too difficult. For Sociology I have to do a short write up of a song or poem and how it relates to a topic we discuss in class. Time to get out the Caedmon’s Call CDs! (or do I write my own poem…?)

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3 Responses to Fall 2004 Grades

  1. An A- in Animal Breeding? What caused the minus? Was one of your calves born with three eyes or something?

  2. Roger says:

    I think leaving a question blank on the final might have had something to do with it..(I
    couldn’t even guess the answer)

  3. Mike says:

    sorry, i’ve been a bad blog friend. congrats on all your A’s. They are all A’s!

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