It’s about time for another poem, wouldn’t you agree? 😀 I wrote this poem in my high school Creative Writing class (where most of my first stuff is from). I have always loved to play football. Growing up I was one of those fast, skinny little kids that could run and catch. I would catch anything thrown anywhere near me. As I lifted weights and grew a little bigger in high school, I liked to play tailback too. As a running back it was my speed and smarts against the defender(s), then if I couldn’t outrun them I was able to lower my shoulder and try to make them pay for tackling me. My goal was to make them never want to stand in my way again. It was the mentality of a safety running the ball, I guess. I also played corner back, kick/punt return and safety; safety was the most fun out of those. Offense is the overall best, though, because you get to hit people and make great offensive plays. I could (and may) do more football reflections later…I was just supposed to introduce the poem here…it’s another old one. Bear with my high school football ode:


Throw me the ball,
Let me loose on the field
I’ll run the play called
My skill waits unrevealed.
I wish to be free
To roam the 100 long yards
In my heart is the need
To find the hole between guards.
Give me a chance
To stop their last drive
My talent’s enhanced*
When the need for help does arrive.
I assist the right end
Who never lets them by
And the opponents are upended
When we hit and they fly.

Spring 1992

*I start out from an offensive stand point, then switch to defense (I don’t think that was intentional; I just noticed it). This part of the poem refers to the fact that I would often come to the aid of the right defensive end while playing safety. He was a great end, though smaller in size than me. We were a good team and were friends on and off the field. Nate, you’ve been immortalized in my poetry.

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2 Responses to “Football”

  1. Andy Slaughter says:

    Well, i have a negative bias towards football and team sports in general, but this
    poem gives me a different perspective on something i loath.:evil: So, good job!
    You instilled the reader with an appreciation for YOUR feelings about football.

  2. Roger says:

    As I am learning in SOC 100, it is good to have different sociological/cultural perspectives. 😀

    I probably have plenty more football stories! 😆

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