See No, Hear No, Speak No

Here’s a short poem I wrote one night last fall. I was in bed and this idea suddenly came to me. It’s Shel Silverstein-esque. It has no name; it’s just a silly little thing:

The eye of the potato saw the fall
And the ear of the corn heard it all
But the mouth of the river
Would not say a word
About what the potato had seen
And the corn had heard.

–Fall 2004

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4 Responses to See No, Hear No, Speak No

  1. Andy Slaughter says:

    :mrgreen: Does remind me of Shel, now that you mention it. I love his books, and
    when my baby girl gets old enough, my wife and I’ll be reading them to her.

  2. Roger says:

    Sometimes I read them to my wife. I like to hear them myself as much as I do reading them
    to her. Yes, she knows how to read, but I’m better at figuring out the rhythm to read
    them in.

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