The Bar Has Been Set

For my birthday last November, the Doughtys adopted a monkey for me and presented it to me in grand celebration. His name is Ronnie and now my Triumverate is complete. I present to you Ramon, Ronnie and Brutus:


Ramon is the hyperactive troublemaker of the group. I believe he has the exact same genetic makeup as Qwert Yuppy himself. Ramon is always getting into trouble and often tries to blame it on Brutus. Ramon can often be found in various rooms of our house looking for a late-breaking story worthy of reporting. If he can’t find one, he won’t hesitate to create one. 👿

Ronnie is the most level headed of the group, if not a bit naive. New to the family, he’s not quite sure of his role in things, but has already realized that Ramon needs a lot of help. He is the tallest of the three, but has somehow resisted (to this point) Ramon’s attempts to get a boost up to the cookie jar. That alone says a lot about Ronnie’s morals and his inner strength. Ronnie has started out helping to take pictures for the News, but, after a short time with us, has decided to take some law courses on the side.

Brutus is the ‘gentle giant’. He is one tough ape, but wouldn’t hurt a fly (he has been known to groom Ramon for other bugs, though, when he can get Ramon to hold still). Brutus is an emotional, thoughtful creature, always trying to make the rest of us in the house happy. He makes me happy by simply keeping Ramon occupied. Brutus drives the Monkey News-mobile and often takes the photographs.

(Monkey News-mobile. Professional driver on closed roads. Do not try this at home. )

I am confident that this Monkey News Triumverate far exceeds any three primates that have ever gotten together for the sole purpose of reporting the news from a monkey’s point of view. Let the world of journalism beware.

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6 Responses to The Bar Has Been Set

  1. Hannah says:

    I think Brutus has some hidden gorilla deep inside…better watch out!

  2. Roger says:

    How could you not trust that face!?:smile:

  3. Hannah says:

    It’s a face only a mother could love :mrgreen:

  4. Roger says:

    You’re a mother! Love Brutus!

  5. Eric says:

    I don’t know if anyone has that much “mother” to them…

  6. Roger says:

    You two, Brutus is the nice, kind, gentle one on the far right! He would give you the fur off his own back!

    I can’t believe you guys. 👿

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