“Perfect love is perfect vulnerability.” I heard this recently somewhere, but can’t remember where. That statement hit me pretty profoundly. I feel like I’m living it in my life. I’m sure I can’t claim perfect love, but I do know that if there is anything in this world that causes me to be vulnerable it is the love I have for my wife.

Before I had her in my life to pile all my affection on, there wasn’t anything that anyone could say or do to me to hurt me. I really don’t care too much about people’s opinions of me (I am excluding close friends in this generality. They wouldn’t intentionally hurt me anyway). No one could ever say anything that would hurt my feelings, no one could call my mom enough names or threaten her enough to tick me off. I’ve always been very level headed, maybe too level headed. Now, however, I am very vulnerable.

My wife is so precious to me that to imagine something or someone hurting her short circuits my brain. It is a feeling that can very quickly go overboard, if one was to let it. Currently she is signed up to take a Medical Terminology course at the local community college. This is the same college where many vagrants attend. This unnerves me. The possibility of someone attacking her drives me crazy. What if something were to happen to her? I could have prevented it. In fact, I get out of work in plenty of time to drive over to the college and see her safely to her car. Is this being overprotective? Does it show lack of faith in God to both know and appreciate my deepest worries and to take care of my wife?

If that is not overboard, how about worrying about her going shopping alone? We recently had a man try to kidnap a woman in a grocery store parking lot. Couldn’t the same thing happen at the department store or the mall? Should I not worry about these things? My wife is the most precious thing in my earthly existence. What point is healthy worry and what point is too far? I don’t worry too much about her being at home alone, but I do make sure all the doors are locked if I’m leaving her (what she does if she comes home while I’m not there is up to her, though I’m sure I could put up enough of a stink to get her to promise to make sure all the doors are locked).

Do you get my point? Do you see why this quote hit me so profoundly?

Now, though it seems like there could be no greater love than what I have for my wife, think about how much Jesus loves each and every one of us. That is perfect love. How vulnerable is He because of His love for us?

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3 Responses to Vulnerability

  1. Andy Slaughter says:

    Dude, i totally hear you on this. I work during the day, and my wife stays home with
    our baby. My wife happens to be really attractive, so she sometimes gets hit on by
    men when i’m not around. Although we live in a relatively safe area, there is always a
    fear that something could happen to her. I have full confidence in my wife’s
    capabilities to take care of herself and all that…but ithink if there was a situation
    like your wife going to Tech college (with less than savory characters about) you are
    absolutley justified in going there with her yourself.

  2. Andy Slaughter says:

    Being practical is not a lack of faith in God, by the way. Especially when it comes
    to the safety of your loved ones.

  3. Roger says:

    You do a good job at making my feelings sound justifiable. Thanks, man. One thing is that
    I’m not very confident in my wife to be able to take care of herself. I need to work on that.

    BTW: I was there waiting for her last night. The teacher let the class out early, so I
    didn’t have her car started and warmed up, though. She smiled and kissed me.

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