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For some general humor, and to get yourself in my frame of mind for this post, read this Monty Python sketch first: Interview with Arthur “Two Sheds” Jackson from Monty Python’s Flying Circus Host (Eric Idle): Last week the Royal … Continue reading

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The Bug

Yes, I would appreciate if you would read and comment on this…just like everything else. 😉 The bug awoke from its sickness-induced slumber. Water poured over its head into the dark depths below. Light shined from above, coaxing the bug … Continue reading

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The Bug, The Snow, Etc.

Well, The Bug is officially written. It has been subjected to my wife, who suggested a little tweaking at the end, and has been emailed to a Doughty who is going to proof it for me. Hopefully I’ll hear back … Continue reading

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Monkeys Grow on Trees?

Maybe this is why that man shot his wife after mistaking her for a monkey…

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Oh, The Snow!

It’s good to be back. My body is sore from shoveling almost two feet of snow between Thursday and Friday (it really seemed like more, though). I went outside multiple times per day to keep on top of it all. … Continue reading

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Caution Automatic Door

This message is on many of the doors around campus: “Caution Automatic Door”. I say, that’s right Mr Door, watch out because I’m a-comin’ through and I don’t slow down for anything!

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Ramon To Infiltrate British School!

Below is a picture of Ramon as he dresses up to go undercover in a British school. We are not at liberty to divulge the nature of the story, but be assured that as soon as Ramon provides us with … Continue reading

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The Writing Challenge

The comic GravyBoy has its own fan forum. There are a few different topic boards and one of my favorite is the Writing Board. There I have posted a challenge. Only four of us have picked up on the challenge … Continue reading

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Into the Weekend

It’s strange that, as Americans, we are always looking forward to the weekend. It almost seems something you have to do, whether you have restful weekends or not. Take my wife and I; we work a physical extra job a … Continue reading

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The Sun is Trying to Kill Me

When I drive to the university in the mornings, the sun is in my eyes. It certainly doesn’t help that my windshield is covered in grime. When I drive to work from the university in the afternoon, the sun is … Continue reading

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Monkey…It’s What’s For Dinner

Great, Green Gobs of Greasy, Grimy Gopher Guts (Tom Glazer) CHO: Great, green gobs of greasy, grimy, gopher guts, Mutilated monkey meat, itty bitty birdie feet. Great, green gobs of greasy, grimy, gopher guts, And me without a spoon. Some … Continue reading

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