Into the Weekend

It’s strange that, as Americans, we are always looking forward to the weekend. It almost seems something you have to do, whether you have restful weekends or not. Take my wife and I; we work a physical extra job a couple hours on Friday night and a couple hours on Saturday. This makes Friday the longest and most strenuous day of the week for both of us. However, convention and habit cause us to look forward to Friday all the week long. On Saturday it is not always a lot better. We have house cleaning that has been neglected all week as well as the extra job I mentioned. If we want to do something and get away, Saturday is the only day to do it, but then the house remains a mess. If we take Saturday as our only day of the week to sleep in, then we have less waking hours to accomplish anything.

Right now I’m not sure if any days especially appeal to me. Saturday, maybe, because we can sleep in if we like, or go somewhere if we like or clean up if we like and afterward we’ll have the results of our choice to enjoy. Sundays would be my other option because even though we have church at 10, we still get to sleep in compared to the rest of the work week. Also we can have a nap between survices. Plus there are the services themselves in which we take the time, which we are usually lax to do the rest of the week, to actively acknowledge God’s presence, to show him some of our love and our appreciation for all that he means to us. I guess I do find Sundays a relaxing necessity.

God Bless

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3 Responses to Into the Weekend

  1. Church would be a lot more relaxing if there were Christianity in the parking lot and more available seating in the pews.

    What a cynic I am.

    But I’m with ya, Church is one of those things that just relaxes me, and, if I’m mindful, it can really re-center me for the coming week.

  2. Andy Slaughter says:

    I have a hard time relaxing on Sundays, because i always know that i’m heading right back into
    another long work week starting the next day.

  3. Roger says:

    We usually take a nap on Sundays (which often makes it difficult to get to sleep Sunday night)
    but this Sunday afternoon we went to a play. Sunday night we were…too…tired…:zzz:

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