The Sun is Trying to Kill Me

When I drive to the university in the mornings, the sun is in my eyes. It certainly doesn’t help that my windshield is covered in grime. When I drive to work from the university in the afternoon, the sun is almost eye level all the way there! It is a very dangerous experience, if you ask me. I can only see the silhouette of the car in front of me. If they were to put their brakes on, I wouldn’t see the lights (because of the shadow, and because everyone’s lights are covered in the same grime that is all over my windshield).

My only explanation for this is that the sun is trying to kill me. If you don’t believe me then read this post on Peter’s site (actually, read it anyway).

Do I sense a conspiracy here?

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2 Responses to The Sun is Trying to Kill Me

  1. Andy Slaughter says:

    Holy Blinding Death, Batman!:mrgreen:

    The sun is trying to kill me, too! Back when i was commuting 1.5 hours to Duke
    and back every day, (east to west, then west to east) and the sun would always
    make it difficult to drive. It would sit too high to be blocked by trees, buildings
    etc.., and too low to be blocked by my visor. Its a miracle i survived…

  2. Roger says:

    We will come through this and be stronger, better able to combat the sun’s bohemian tactics.

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