The Writing Challenge

The comic GravyBoy has its own fan forum. There are a few different topic boards and one of my favorite is the Writing Board. There I have posted a challenge.

Only four of us have picked up on the challenge (hint: if you haven’t yet, click on the links as they are presented :wink:…OK, for the lazy people, the challenge is to write a short story…the only form you must follow is that it has to be titled “The Bug”…), but I think that’s a pretty good response considering the traffic. One of the co-creators, Marty, hasn’t accepted the challenge yet but I have hope he will present a short story when the time comes.

If you are so inclined, join us there. Join us in the challenge or just join us for some communal correspondence. If you want to check it out first, you don’t have to register to read.

Here’s to online pals and creative fun!

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