And We’re Back!

I just came through the hardest part of my last semester here at school. If nothing else, it taught me how much of a slacker I really am. I had a paper due Monday which I barely did any research for (just the minimum amount I thought I had to do) and barely made the page minimum limit (after changing to 13pt font). My Senior Paper speech lasted 15 minutes (it was supposed to be 20), which isn’t too bad I guess for NOT PRACTICING! I thought I would do better without all the nervousness of memorizing and practicing. Heh.

Now, onto bigger and better things…the things that I suddenly had an overwhelming urge to be doing when I absolutely had to work on my paper and speech. These things include cleaning up my office at home and writing more stuff for this site (including returning to the Holy Grail parody!).

Let the games begin!

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