God Makes the Bacon

…only he asks you to hand it out.

God created the pig. Out of nothing, even. God raised the pig, gave it a home, fed the pig and kept the pig healthy.

God is the one who slaughtered the pig. He diced it up, made it into strips and fried the bacon. God is the one who seasoned the bacon. He made it palatable. God made it just the way people like it. Hungry people, at least.

God gives the bacon to you.

God puts people in your life. He created them, kept them and set them in your path. God makes some of them hungry. For bacon.

Again, God made the bacon, gave it to you, made people hungry for bacon and set them beside you. He only asked you to hand it out.

Did you?

No? Still too embarrassed to go around asking people if they want some bacon? How about this: Sometimes God does even more for you. Sometimes God tells hungry people what will fill them up. He markets the bacon for you. Then people go around looking for bacon. All you have to do is let people know that you have bacon to give away.

Do people know you carry bacon, or after God gave it to you did you stuff it all in an airtight Glad container and hide it skillfully on your person? Nice try.

Sometimes, even when you are hiding the bacon, God will find a hungry person, point you out to them, and say, “that person has bacon; go get it.” What do you do then? Do you deny you are carrying bacon? Do you tell them it was all an understandable mistake, however you really only have licorice? If the person persists, do you swear up and down that it’s really just Spam? Are you ashamed of the bacon God gave you?

God makes the bacon, only he asks you to hand it out.

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4 Responses to God Makes the Bacon

  1. …but, I thought God said Pigs weren’t kosher…

    Somewhere beginning in the middle through the end, it reminded me of Peter denying Jesus.

  2. Eric says:

    Pigs weren’t kosher… until God said otherwise…

    I am trying to give out the bacon. The cool thing is, God always makes sure I have enough to hand out… even if I think I will run out, there is always more.

  3. Hannah says:

    I always thought monkeys didn’t like bacon

  4. Roger says:

    Most of the monkeys on this site are omnivorous. Brutus is the

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