It Is Official!

On March 9th I applied for a supervisor job within registration (where I work now) from the library. By the time I arrived at work that night, there was an email from the registration manager asking me how soon I could come for an interview. Since there were other people involved, the interview was set for 3/14.

A couple of days later I had an email awaiting me at work asking if I could interview with the Director (the managers’ boss). This happened on the 3/23.

On 3/24 I was offered the job! Back to full time work once school is over, and a supervisor position (like I wanted), too!

Praise God!

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8 Responses to It Is Official!

  1. Hannah says:


    sounds great, Roger

  2. :trout:

    (hannah stole me :rmfo:)


  3. Roger says:

    I thought :rmfo: was Eric’s:?:

  4. Mom says:

    That is awesome. Congratulations!:grin:

  5. Andy Slaughter says:

    Good For You, Roger!!
    I know this is a big blessing for you.

  6. Eric says:

    Go Roger! 😈

    (You know me… I gotta have a 😈 or 😈 😈 in every comment).

  7. Scoob says:

    😯 Good luck Rog!!!!!!!! Not that you need it!!!!!

  8. Roger says:

    I forgot Eric was :twisted:, not :rmfo:.

    Thanks everyone!


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