What Brings Them In–Feb ’05

I like looking through the list of search phrases which bring people to my site. I think I’ll start a monthly post about the funnier ones. Read and weep (from laughter):

folkysaint (bringing people to me!?)
the monkey shel silverstein (who knew?)
she broke my heart so i broke her jaw (I don’t remember this post…)
great big globs of greasy grimy gopher guts lyrics (score!)
sticker and no you suck (No. YOU suck!)
apostolic poets (Cool)
buy a living breathing actual monkey (Not here. Sorry)
recedite plebes ! gero rem imperialem (Amen)
sp@nked and bu&&ered by boyfriend (Most disturbing!)
http //www.qwertyuppy.com/index.php/archives/2004/11/08/share-the-well/ (That’s about as specific as they get!)
picture of indian woman nursing monkey (They must have left disappointed)
ramon dekker (Is this some sort of cross-breed?)
sp@nking poem (Not my line of subject matter)
coughing up thick brown stuff (I have this effect on all my readers)
monkey differential equations (Soon monkeys will run NASA)
one bad apple by jackson 5 (I’d like to register a complaint to the search engine that brought this HERE)
roger coward (Ha!)
hackeysack (:evil:)
obese rhesus monkey pictures (C’mon, people!)

As you can see, people’s tastes are certainly varied! That was only a sample of the funnier ones; was the list too long? I should totally go back and do this for January (see below) 🙂

Until next time, folks!

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12 Responses to What Brings Them In–Feb ’05

  1. Bwaaah hahahaha haaaa…

    My reign of cowardice continues to spread, infect, and draw those looking for cowards…


  2. Roger says:

    The only people looking for cowards are people looking for someone to beat up. 😕

  3. 😥

    …it’s true…

  4. Roger says:

    Mean people suck

  5. If I have time to blog, I think I will blog about this little exchange.

  6. Andy Slaughter says:

    …..Roger, have you gone slumming again?:smile:

  7. Roger says:

    Are you suggesting that I dug the bottom of the barrel for ideas on things to post about? 🙂

  8. folkysaint says:

    You think it’s weird that my name brings people to your site?

  9. Roger says:

    Don’t you? Or were you the one looking it up? 😆

  10. folkysaint says:

    I occasionally look up “folkysaint” to see if any new people have been copying my blog articles or linking to my blog.

  11. Roger says:

    Ah, ha…well, it’s been good to see you around, regardless. :yes:

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