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Poem: Through The Window

I’ve been trying to post my poems in the order I have written them (since I began with the pollution-themed ones), but have been lax in posting any poems at all since other things have popped into my brain. Here … Continue reading

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You Asked For It

Each month people come to the Monkey Exhibit looking for the lyrics to Shel Silverstein’s The Monkey and the Elephant. Sorry to have let you down for so long. In the interest of giving my consumers (or would-be consumers) what … Continue reading

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The Garage Door

I am certain that the garage door, with help from the door opener, is trying to kill me. It’s a love-hate relationship between the two of us, with the opener taking the side of whoever treats it best at the … Continue reading

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Sharing the Well

For my sociology class we had to write a 2 page paper about sociological aspects of a song or poem. It had to touch on 2 different themes we had talked about in class. I chose this song as it … Continue reading

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I… Was Ugly

Here is a rare photo of Roger shortly after he was born. The doctors were a little nervous, but his mother insisted that he was adorable and that she was going to keep him (you can see her hands in … Continue reading

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Hear-Ye, Hear-Ye!

Let it be known that Cousin Dave has officially threatened me should I post any pictures of him as a child. Therefore I see no other course than to show you this, probably his most infamous childhood photo: (Drawn many … Continue reading

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I Am A Sugar Fiend

I like sugar. I like jelly beans, Swedish fish, orange slices and a big scoop of sugar in my cuppa. I like Starburst, Tootsie Rolls, and Dots. Sugar just tastes so good! I never get “junk tummy,” but after too … Continue reading

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I…Was A Dork

From blond to redhead to brunette (is there a masculine term for brunette? I don’t like the femininity…:) ). I say I was a dork because the picture looks a little dorky, but I was a little kid. It looks … Continue reading

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Gluttony Tonight!

I feel like Gluttony Tonight! Today I raked, clipped old plant stems and generally cleaned up the yard for a couple of hours. Gotta love the great outdoors! I had enough dirt on my front lawn (since the snow has … Continue reading

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I…Was A Redhead

I don’t really remember being a redhead…OK, I don’t remember being blond either. But the picture suggests I was a redhead at some point, probably a very short point. Why don’t I remember this? Do I have repressed memories? Was … Continue reading

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I…Was Blond

Genes do amazing things, if you ask me. In this particular instance I’m talking about the fact that I started out blond. For the first couple of years of my life my hair was so light it looked like I … Continue reading

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Are they or are they not the worst invention in the history of humanity? The inventor of neckties should be hanged. How ironic would that be. 🙂 Next week: Pictures!

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What’s Going Well?

Anyone mindless drone can complain, and since April Fool’s Day I’ve read enough of it. Think about things: your life, work, anything. What’s going well? Share.

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Backgammon Is The New Poker

Better add “Backgammon” to your spam word list. 👿

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April Fooled?

Every year I forget about April Fool’s Day. I don’t plan on fooling anyone and I don’t expect tricks to be played on me, though that doesn’t always stop people. I know a large hoax was played on the Rumor … Continue reading

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Free-Write, New Story?

Shallya’s yellow eyes gleamed in the full moonlight. She perched high in the boughs of a (tropical tree). A faint scent of wood smoke drifted through the warm jungle air, slowly curling on the soft tropical breeze. Muted voices resonated … Continue reading

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