I… Was Ugly

Here is a rare photo of Roger shortly after he was born. The doctors were a little nervous, but his mother insisted that he was adorable and that she was going to keep him (you can see her hands in the photo).

As you can tell, Roger was already practicing for a job as a telephone operator at the hospital.

Baby Roger

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4 Responses to I… Was Ugly

  1. Roger says:


    I got better.

    (I like how it says “I…Was Ugly” and “Eric 2:40 pm”)

  2. Eric says:

    I almost forged your name to it… but I decided not too… That would lose all the fun. 😈

  3. So… does this make the Monkeys Three your siblings or your offspring?

  4. Eric says:

    Roger is the “black sheep… er monkey” of the Monkey’s Three. They excommunicated him when he tried to fling uhm… dirt at his Professor’s.

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