I…Was A Dork

From blond to redhead to brunette (is there a masculine term for brunette? I don’t like the femininity…:) ). I say I was a dork because the picture looks a little dorky, but I was a little kid. It looks like a little kid picture: wear whatever mom dresses you in and don’t comb your hair. As a little kid I didn’t feel like a dork, nor do I feel that I was one as I think back. I enjoyed my childhood. I think I was cool. Cooler than I even knew. How convenient of me to think that now. 🙂

I could probably write tons more about being a little kid, but I don’t want to go off directionless. Anything specific you want to know, or want to leave any comments about the picture?

Roger the Dork

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6 Responses to I…Was A Dork

  1. The masculine term is “brunet”, as the mascluine is also “blond”.

  2. Eric says:

    Wordsmith to the rescue! :rmfo:

  3. Roger says:

    Geof rawks! (seriously)

  4. You were a cute kid… man, what happened?

    Direction: what’s your most haunting childhood memory? what do you think was your most exciting childhood memory? who was your favorite teacher and why? what was/were your favorite thing/s to do as a kid? what’s your most vivid memory of spending time with your mom?(I think mine is probably watching airplanes take off and land) That should keep you busy for a while if you try to make it narrative instead of strict answers…

  5. Why is it I’ve never seen anyone from Maine with good hair? Is it because it freezes in the winter or something?

  6. Roger says:

    Come now, Sage, don’t you remember your youth? Way back when combing your hair didn’t matter,
    even on picture day? Oh, the nostalgia…

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