I…Was A Redhead

I don’t really remember being a redhead…OK, I don’t remember being blond either. But the picture suggests I was a redhead at some point, probably a very short point. Why don’t I remember this? Do I have repressed memories? Was I ritually abused as a child? (I joke because I wasn’t; please don’t be offended if you were.) Where are the rest of the pictures from this time frame in my life? Was this one doctored? Have I undergone hypnosis to cover a time frame in my life when I was a child prodigy, but my family stopped me because I “didn’t fit in”? There are so many questions you really don’t know the answer to about your youth.

I’m going to have to ask my mother about this…

(I guess the red doesn’t show up on this copy like it does on the original…)

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4 Responses to I…Was A Redhead

  1. Eric says:

    Maybe you were PhotoShopped! 😈

  2. Mom says:

    You were actually a towhead when you were little and slowly darkened to a brunette. This was a time frame where you were metamorphising (is this a real word?) into a brunette so you had shades of red. Cute little bugger heh? This was your 6 y.o GQ photo shot. You may possibly have had brain damage as a child and this is why you don’t remember things. This would explain a lot.:lol: Seriously many of us have large time periods we don’t remember. maybe we were abducted by aliens. Well, enough teasing. Love you, Mom

  3. Eric says:

    >>You may possibly have had brain damage as a child and this is why you don’t remember things.

    WOOHOO! More ammo to throw at Rog. His mother ADMITS he had brain damage (well, almost admits, which is close enough for me). 😈

  4. Roger says:

    That Mom, always a joker…that’s why I love her :nervous laugh:

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