I…Was Blond

Genes do amazing things, if you ask me. In this particular instance I’m talking about the fact that I started out blond. For the first couple of years of my life my hair was so light it looked like I didn’t have any. (I can show pictures of this, too, if you’d like). Then my hair came in a little darker and I was definitely blond. People who have known me for a long time have a hard time picturing it since I’ve had dark hair since I was in grade school. For those people, and for you, I offer pictoral proof.


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11 Responses to I…Was Blond

  1. Eric says:

    Hey! You have hair in that picture! 😈

  2. Roger says:

    You are a bad man! :trout:

  3. Andy Slaughter says:

    I’m diggin’ the jean jacket, man.:cool:

  4. Eric says:

    >> You are a bad man!

    Bad or bald? (I still have slightly more hair than you Roger)… :mrgreen:

  5. Roger says:

    Are you sure? If you like talking about my hair, be sure to pop in all this week!

  6. Goose says:

    i also had this affliction.

  7. Roger says:

    Goose was da man! (was this before you molted?)

  8. Eric says:

    Roger is still molting! :yes: 😈

    So am I… 😥

  9. Roger says:

    I never have any problems or insecurities about my hair; other people mention it.
    Maybe it’s everyone else who has the hair insecurities *coughERICcough*

    FYI I want to try coming my hair forward; it will cover up more forehead. My wife doesn’t
    like the idea, though. Lucky I’m so indifferent.

  10. Eric says:

    I’d go shorter, but my wife doesn’t want me to go crewcut again… :no:

    So I just let my hair do it’s own thing…

  11. Roger says:

    We noticed. 😈

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