Poem: Through The Window

I’ve been trying to post my poems in the order I have written them (since I began with the pollution-themed ones), but have been lax in posting any poems at all since other things have popped into my brain.

Here is the newest poem I have begun. It is a go-along with a story I want to write, though the poem can stand independently (once it is finished) if necessary. It was inspired by a Smalltown Poets song “There on the Sun”. The song begins “There is an open road on the other side of this window”. That line just captures me. It makes me think so much. With an imagination like mine, that line is full of unlimited possibilities.

My posts may be few and far between for a while since I am posting from the University but Monday is my last day before I graduate. Please bear with me as I find a new way to update this thing (not like it is backed by popular demand, but anyway…). Until then I leave you with this:

Through The Window

Do you remember the day I came knocking at your window
When you were guileless, innocent and young?
Do you remember where we went when I pulled you through
The trails we walked and the songs that were sung?
Do you remember stepping through the portal
Out of your world and into mine?
Do you remember how much you had to learn
When your fear prevented you from crossing the line?

You never knew of the trail outside your window
Until I came and pulled you through.
You never knew the grandest of adventures
Was outside of the glass just waiting for you.
You never imagined a whole ‘nother creation
Awaited outside the singular pane
You never imagined your naiveté ended
Or the simplistic life you would never regain…

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  1. Very Awesome. :rmfo:

  2. Andy Slaughter says:


    WHERE ARE YOU??!!:sad:

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