The Garage Door

I am certain that the garage door, with help from the door opener, is trying to kill me. It’s a love-hate relationship between the two of us, with the opener taking the side of whoever treats it best at the moment.

The person who owned the house before us installed the garage door. He built the entire garage, as a matter of fact. That is why it sucks so badly. The garage door has already fallen on my head once (a story for another time). Now I give it special attention and make sure it is always working properly, the door and the opener.

All that to say that the garage door repairman is coming tonight to replace the springs on the door (somehow I wasn’t around when one broke; I’m sure it would have half killed me if I was) and to add some weather-stripping on the sides of the door. This is the reason I wasn’t around much on Friday and won’t be today, either.

It’s me vs the door and I must win…or else it will kill me.

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3 Responses to The Garage Door

  1. …it’s been two days since this post…
    …I think the garage door finally won…


  2. Eric says:

    Yes… I did not see Roger at church last night, nor has he responded to any emails or GravyBoard posts…

    Should we arrange a Monkey Squad to go check on him? (Monkey’s are cheaper than humans if the door is rabid).

  3. Roger says:

    I am the victor! Well, the garage door company is the victor since he took my money and didn’t
    do everything he said he was going to. Too bad I had to go to work, leaving him there alone.


    Oh, and Eric knows I work Wednesday nights! Though I just worked my last scheduled one last night! :hooray:

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