You Asked For It

Each month people come to the Monkey Exhibit looking for the lyrics to Shel Silverstein’s The Monkey and the Elephant. Sorry to have let you down for so long. In the interest of giving my consumers (or would-be consumers) what they want, I’m selling out and posting the lyrics. Enjoy.

Well, once the world was full of monkeys,
A long time ago.
And elephants with big long trunkies,
A long time ago.
And the elephants swarm in the Zazafram Sea,
And the monkeys swung from the zilibum tree,
And life was silly as it could be
A long time ago.

One day the elephant was feelin’ spunky,
A long time ago.
So he went to have a talk with the monkey,
A long time ago.
And the elephant said, “oh Lordy me,
I think I’m in love with the bumblebee.
Do you think she’s a little too small for me?”
A long time ago.

Now the monkey said, “You’re thinking like a donkey,
A long time ago.
She’s kinda small and you’re sorta chunky,
A long time ago.
So sit right down upon my knee.
I’ll tell you why your love can never be.
It’s a physical impossibility,
A long time ago.”

Now the elephant’s tears went plinkety plunky,
A long time ago.
And he went home to pack his trunkie,
A long time ago.
He said, “I see that bee was not for me.”
So he went and he married a little gray flea,
And they were as happy as they could be,
And they had children — one, two, three,
But if you want to know how, please don’t ask me,
It was a long time ago.

Lyrics and music by Shel Silverstein and Baxter Taylor, 1965 and 1968, Melody Trails, Inc.

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