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The Prison

Part I—The Prisoner The prisoner shook the door of solitary cell. The noise echoed only a short way down the hall to either side. “Hello!?” The word rang out, traveling no further than the sounds of the shaking door. “Guards? … Continue reading

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I Have Embraced The Rain

After weeks of it invading every area of my life, my mind has snapped. I now, wholeheartedly embrace the rain. The rain is my new best friend. Overcoming barriers that I had previously established, the rain has invaded my personal … Continue reading

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Spring Is In The Air!

Apparently ‘spring’ is synonymous with ‘rain’. We’ve had nothing but for over a week and are looking at more of the same for the next week or so. I’ve had a little writing spree, so I should have a new … Continue reading

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Shadowmancer Review

Shadowmancer by G.P. Taylor is a horrendous book. While his subject matter certainly had potential, the man is a horrible writer. Taylor rushes through the book when the background and subject matter require more detail and explanation. He has great … Continue reading

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What’s Your Most Haunting Childhood Memory?

I’m not a very haunted person. Nowadays almost nothing scares me. As a child I had a few frightening experiences, but I don’t think I can honestly say I have “haunting” memories. I remember being a little kid and having … Continue reading

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Double Standards

How come if a guy wears pants that are too short people ask him when the flood is coming, but if a woman wears pants that are too short people call them “culottes”? I say: “Women…when is the flood coming? … Continue reading

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Roger’s Edits of the New Theme

Things started out really messed up when I switched to the new typewriter theme. I like the typewriter theme because Monkey News and Qwert Yuppy all began on a typewriter. Here’s what I need to tweak: * Title needs to … Continue reading

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WP 1.5.1 Update in Progress

For those who care, there is an upgrade in progress. The theme should be returned shortly, as well as the upgrades for eating spam! ToDo: Main theme – DONE Comments theme – Half-way there Spam Karma – DONE Clickable Smileys … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day

My mother and I are friends. She was young when she had me, too young to have a child really. When you are sixteen you should be enjoying high school…or at least trying not to make too many social blunders, … Continue reading

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Since We Last Met

Now that sounds like a good name for a poem! I even have the perfect way I could use it…(enough thinking while typing). Since finals have been over I have 1) Started a new, full-time job still in registration at … Continue reading

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