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Shadowmancer by G.P. Taylor is a horrendous book. While his subject matter certainly had potential, the man is a horrible writer. Taylor rushes through the book when the background and subject matter require more detail and explanation. He has great potential in the book for some excellent descriptive writing, but ruins it with poor similes and metaphors. When he could draw the readers into the scene with descriptions of sights, smells, sounds and other sensory images, he merely cuts to dialogue; he completely ignores the opportunity to pull the reader into the world he has created. There is little if any character development in even the main characters. We get only basic motivating factors and we read about characters having complete changes of heart at a seeming drop of a hat.

GP Taylor uses many quotes from the Bible, but does not do a good job applying the quotes to the situations and the characters lives. He seemingly just throws the quotes out there so people can read them, but does not delve into the deeper meaning behind the scripture. For any reader not versed in the Bible, these additions could be confusing and out of place. If the author intended to use scripture as teaching material for non-believers, he completely botched his attempts. Yet again, Taylor’s lack of description and detail ruin any opportunity he had for capturing the reader�s attention and teaching them any kind of a lesson he may have wanted to get across.

Before reading this book I asked someone else what they thought of it and he told me it was ‘preachy.’ I can tell what he meant after reading the book. It is a definite example of �do this� (but not really, truly the deeper reasons why) and ‘don’t do that’ (again without the deeper spiritual reasons). While I didn’t consider it overly preachy (any more than, say, any children’s book that teaches a lesson), I did find the whole thing to be a very poor presentation of writing overall. Shame on everyone and anyone who has made this book popular in the least little bit.

PS: Have I mentioned that the guy is a horrible writer?

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  1. mike says:

    very nice. i am glad that i didn’t finish the book.

  2. Sam says:

    I have just found your rather rude attempt of commenting on Graham Taylor’s, ” Shadowmancer. ” I thought a More discursive approach would have been better than to just try and ruin this for other readers. As a writer who posts comments I would have thought that the detail is best left to the imagination of the reader. The book is aimed at to intrigue the younger audience who form opinions on everything they see, hear and read. Yet, you clearly are a well read and intelligent person who has formed an opinion based on your knowledge of the written word, all you see and all you hear. Allow other’s to judge for themselves before committing to such condemnation openly.Riathamus is forgiving, the general public take a little longer.!

  3. GP Taylor says:

    As a fellow brother in Christ I was saddened by your lack of charity towards my book – Shadowmancer has brought many people to know the Lord and has helped to change lives. It has been a best seller in 43 countries and was a New York Time #1 best seller as well as topping the UK charts for over 15 weeks. It has sold millions of copies around the world.

    Jesus says that we must always be careful of what we say – building up and not tearing down. I found your comments DEEPLY hurtful – especially from someone who is a church-goer. I will be pointing the American press towards your site as they are interested in the negative response I have had from some Christians. I pray that if you are ever in the public eye then someone in Bangor Maine or some other far away place won’t be as critical and uncharitable towards you.

    In the Love of Jesus.

    Graham P Taylor.

  4. Roger says:

    There was no rudeness meant in my review. I am sorry if my review has deeply hurt either one of you. I find that my opinion (for this is what the entire review is) has not changed since I wrote the review. The only thing that I think might be unkind and I would be willing to change is instead of calling Mr Taylor a “horrible writer” I could say that this specific book is horribly written. I have not read the complete works of GP Taylor so cannot honestly say that, overall, he is a horrible writer.

    I feel my review is well written with my specific complaints about the book addressed in a way that will not mislead the reader. Also, the mere fact that my complaints were specific and my reasons something that could be learned from makes the review better than someone who just says “it stinks” and gives no reasons for their opinion. Sam has said that I should not “ruin this for other readers” buy my point is that I don’t think anyone should waste their time reading this book. Anyone and everyone is free to agree or disagree.

    If readers want an exciting, spiritual read, I have plenty of suggestions for books that will bring them to the very throne of God where they can meet Him personally, books that will have a reader seeking repentance before they have reached a third of the way through. I found none of this, or anything else that would even cause anyone to “know the Lord” in this book. If this has occurred, you have only God and only God to thank for that (again, this is my opinion only).

    Maybe I am judging this book harshly because in America we have a myriad of well-written books to choose from. Also in America we have freedom of speech, though it seems from the comments left here that at least two people wish it were not so. These comments, written by me, are therefore obviously my opinion only (though I have referenced someone else’s opinion as well in my review) and should be read as such. If anyone is allowed to post a positive review of the book (though that would honestly baffle me…I’m not joking in the least bit here) then I should be allowed to tell my honest opinion. I have not attacked Mr Taylor as a person or a Christian; I have merely shared my views of his writing in this specific book. If you can’t stand critics you either should not be publishing or should not be reading reviews.

    I have nothing against either one of you and I respect your opinions, which is why your comments are found here in their entirety. I could delete them or alter them if I so desired. Let it be know that I did, however, move GP Taylor’s comment from my “About Roger” post to this post since I feel this is its proper place. Since both posts are open to the public I don’t see why it would hurt to move it here. If this offends you Mr Taylor let me know and I will amend it.

    I cannot lie about my opinion of the book and I will not change the review, but I am sorry if I have caused anyone any distress.


  5. Andy Slaughter says:

    Obviously you aren’t the only person who had negative feelings about the book. Hopefully, instead of taking your review as a personal attack, the author will keep these criticsms in mind when he writes his next book.

  6. Jade D. says:

    Two years too late in this conversation I come in looking for an honest review of Shadowmancer which I picked up earlier this morning. I wanted to read the book before moving from Ireland to S Korea because it looked sincerely impressive from the cover and I knew if I didn’t read it I would give it the benefit of the doubt, and a place in my suitcase. I am a writer myself and so do often take notes as I read a book in order to improve my own style. Not a paragraph into Shadowmancer and I had to draw out my notebook. “Note to Self: Do Not Over Analysis a visual you have already placed in the reader’s head… eg: if your target audience knows what a boat looks like, don’t go on to explain that there are sails unless the detail has something comical/important to do with the plot”. I read on 5 pages and decided to look at reviews of this book rather than read it half way as I would most books I’m undecided on as it was thoroughly irritating me. The two initial characters are completely unoriginal, forgivable as I didn’t realise this was meant to be a child’s book. The descriptions drew my focus away from the story allowing time to revel at the ease of making a Best Seller… and does it really just matter who you know and how much you advertise? I got online, still willing to give it another chance. Found G.P.Taylor’s home page and read the first 3 reviews- sounded like a circus of bubbly 12 year old girls squeeking and shrieking his praises. How Christian is a Fan Page again? But anyways, I digress. I found this page, read the review, seemed similar enough to my own view with a few further insights. Figured I’d search for a few more, then realised there were more comments on this page. Sam sounds less like a fan than outraged daughter so I ignored her comment and still gave the benefit of the severe doubt to the author. Then read his comment, God help you G.P.Taylor if that actually is your reply. I can’t tell you what others will think, but as your book was already on its last straw your comment sent my opinion over the edge to a very rocky, blood covered demise.

  7. cody says:


  8. Bob says:


  9. Brendan says:

    I just finished Shadowmancer, and I dig it. It i one of my faves and Mr. Taylor is officially on my top authors list now. I encourage him to continue writing for the glory of God.


  10. Frank says:

    Clearly you have no idea what the potential of a book is, your opinion was rather harshly played, I have recently started this book and searched for reviews to see if the book was worth it, so far it seems like a well written book, therefore I cannot help but thinking that you are a critic who doesn’t know the ways of criticizing, you don’t just say “oh this book sucks, the author is a horrible writer” as that would be insulting, not criticizing, I’m still 13, maybe I’m too old for it, but the reviews on it’s back were convincing so I purchased the book. You, Roger, know not how to criticize, and your review convinced me you’re not quite so skilled at insults either. Good luck with your obviously uneducated life, and have a nice day.

  11. Yu-Zhen says:

    I completely agree with Roger on this review, I gave this book several honest tries and each time I found myself completely uninterested. I absolutely love fantasy genre so, this is a rather unique event for me to unlike a book this much.

    I also find it very disturbing that according to G.P. Taylor himself, the fact that you are a fellow church-goer you are supposed to automatically love everything there is written about (or closely resembling to) God. Bad writing is sometimes just that, bad writing, the fact that it is about the Greater Being still does not make a poor novel interesting to read.

    This was a big disappointment to me, because I actually really liked Wormwood, and had purchased Shadowmancer based on my liking of that book, not knowing its history or its message.

  12. ...WTF says:

    … WTF ARE YOU GUYS TALKING ABOUT! THIS BOOK @#$%& SUCKED! I can’t bare to bring myself to gaze upon this book long enough to find the quote but i believe it goes a bit like this. “The rat catches the trap but it’s the hunter that takes care of the trap.” Wtf is that?! The character says it like it’s some profound phrase, or something deep, you know, The cook stirs to pasta but it’s the boiling hot water that cooks the pasta. I mean, Really? Not to mention the book is riddled with cliches, horribly uncreative similes, uninteresting dialogues, and a total lack of description.

    He went into a cave, it was dark “Hi,” a man in a coat said
    “Hello” he replied in an unfamiliar voice
    “Oh hi there” Another person said
    “Oh how horrible! Do you see that!”
    ” Oh my it is horrible!”
    they left the cave.

    Can anyone tell me what just happened? because that’s like the same style as this book, maybe a little exaggerated, but tell me, what was man 1’s : Name, clothing, voice, outlook on life.
    How many men were there?
    What were they running from?
    How many men survived?
    What was the temperature? Smell? Look? Sound? Distance off the ground? Locale? weather? time? color?

    I rest my case… For now

  13. binary6is110 says:

    …wtf— totally agree with your post. Well phrased.

    You are 100% correct on that.

    “The rat catches the trap but it’s the hunter that takes care of the trap…” Ugh!!! It burns!

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