Since We Last Met

Now that sounds like a good name for a poem! I even have the perfect way I could use it…(enough thinking while typing).

Since finals have been over I have
1) Started a new, full-time job still in registration at the hospital. I’m currently training in the Emergency Department, which is rather fun. Every other position is going to be less exciting and therefore probably less fun. Oh well.

2) Had horrible allergies that ended up as allergic bronchitis. I managed to drown it in water and over the counter medicine. NyQuil and it’s generic brethren are my friends :yes:

3) Finally graduated from college. It only took me 11 years. High-School grads, do not try this at home. Use your brain for once and graduate in 4 or less. You’ll thank me.

I do not have regular, if any, internet access from work, so you won’t see me around much until I get internet installed at home (late spring or sometime in the summer, if all goes well). I miss interacting with all of you who comment on here, but you can always email me at work… if you know my work email or know someone who does that will give it to you 😉


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2 Responses to Since We Last Met

  1. Eric says:

    Internet at *gasp* Home! What is the world coming too! 😈

  2. Andy Slaughter says:

    Dude? So you won’t be here or at the Gravyboard for awhile? That sucks. Congrats on
    graduating, though. And on your ew job. Hope everything works out well for you.

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