What’s Your Most Haunting Childhood Memory?

I’m not a very haunted person. Nowadays almost nothing scares me. As a child I had a few frightening experiences, but I don’t think I can honestly say I have “haunting” memories.

I remember being a little kid and having to walk outside at night. That was scary. In my hometown I was about a mile from my cousins if I took the road. If I took the woods, I was maybe 300-400 yards, max. I remember making both of those trips after dark. Though along the road was scary (little town, dirt road, no streetlight) the woods after dark was definitely more scary. I had the trail so down pat that I could run it with my eyes closed. That helps when you are running it in the dark. You have to run it at night, too, because as a little kid you have no idea what is waiting for you in the woods (though I tried to convince myself nothing was).

It turns out I was right. Nothing was waiting for me or, if it was, I must have outran it. To be able to function in the face of fears like that may be one of the reasons that I don’t have many fears as an adult. I know that I don’t have to be afraid of many things but from experience I know that if I am afraid I can still function. It also helps that I am a rugged-enough male with apparently no genetic predisposition for any type of anxiety. Take your blessings where you can find them.

Psalm 23:4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

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4 Responses to What’s Your Most Haunting Childhood Memory?

  1. Andy Slaughter says:

    I dunno if this counts, but when i was a kid i got stung 10-12 times by yellow jackets one day. My cousin and i were playing at a construction site, and stumbled upon their nest accidentally. In a second, we started feeling hot stings tag our arms and legs. We ran at top speed all the way back to my house, where my dad proceeded to give us a weird ointment made from baking soda and tobacco (supposedly better for bee-stings). To this day, I cringe when I see bees, wasps, or hornets buzzing around.

  2. puh… that’s nothing… one summer I single-handedly discovered three (3) different yellow-jackets nests – all in the ground (so imagine how I discovered them).

    …and then there was the time when I took Lisa out for a romantic picnic at a state park. Everything was wonderful and beautiful until we decided to leave and started to fold up the blanket – which unbeknownst to us had been been laid on top of a yellow jacket’s nest which was now very, very, very angry. …I think I must blog about this encounter more fully later…

    …to throw irony into the mix… I went to Georgia Tech, who’s mascots are the Ramblin’ Wreck and Buzz the Yellow Jacket.

  3. Roger says:

    Andy, similar thing happened to me and Cousin Dave. We were playing in a field beside our grandparents house and there as a board lying on the ground. I desired to whack the board with a stick, but Dave told me not to. I did anyway and a next of yellow jackets came out from under the board and stung us all up. I had a long row of stings running up my arm and Dave was stung right directly below the lower eyelid. I don’t think either of us ended up with an aversion to bees/wasps though. I may be wrong about Dave; I’m not sure.

  4. Roger says:

    AC, I finally approved your comment which has been in moderation limbo. 😳

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