WP 1.5.1 Update in Progress

For those who care, there is an upgrade in progress. The theme should be returned shortly, as well as the upgrades for eating spam!

Main theme – DONE
Comments theme – Half-way there
Spam Karma – DONE
Clickable Smileys – *sigh* Needs some work.
Custom Smileys – DONE

Well, I must say. 1.5.1 is a VAST improvement over 1.2.2 – yet I dislike one aspect of it. The themes are great, but the one Roger was using didn’t upgrade, so not everything is working as it should. Post comments here if you find anything broken, and I will fix it as I have time.

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6 Responses to WP 1.5.1 Update in Progress

  1. Eric says:

    Comments test… #123

  2. Roger says:

    1) The Menu doesn’t show up when commenting/in the comment screen


    2) The comments are top-labeled/named.

  3. Eric says:

    #1 will be fixed when we get a theme working.

    #2 will be a change to the theme. Nothing major…

  4. Miranda says:

    What happened to the cute baby pics of Roger?? Neat theme!

  5. Roger says:

    I’ll have to check. And if that fails, I’ll have to…ask Eric!

  6. Eric says:

    You mean like this post?



    Pics are all updated properly. They got hosed during the upgrade, but they are back now.

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