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After some silliness it is time to return to serious post. The problem is that my life is too boring to entertain anyone. Granted, to me it is fun. I enjoy reading and playing on the computer. I even like work. But these things make for boring stories. (Actually, if I could remember some of the things that happen to me, I might have some good stories. I’ll have to brainstorm.)

Work is going pretty well. I’m rotating around registration departments at the hospital until the department opens that I’ll be supervising. There are some other fun registration departments around here. Some are fun-exciting; some are fun-boring-catchup sites. Right now I’m at the latter.

On the reading front, that Brian Jacques “Redwall” series is great! I recommend it to anyone who likes both Tolkien and “Watership Down”. The writing is really good; there is more than enough action and a great storyline. Heroes, quests, and cute though dangerous woodland creatures. Fun reading.

On the computer front, the DSL is fun and convenient. Very nice. I’m still stuck in my rut of what sites I visit, but that will slowly expand. I like that I can be more active on my friends’ websites, commenting and showing them I really do care (enough to read and write).

See how boring this is? The only other thing I can mention is that we are looking forward to our anniversary vacation in October. We are planning a road trip to North Carolina to 1) add yet another state to our anniversary list, 2) visit some friends I’ve not seen and 3) hit some amusement parks including Paramount Carowinds and Busch Gardens (in Virginia). If you are from the RMFO boards and are reading this, expect a threading in the Meetings Forum before too awful long.


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  1. I had no idea that you were supervising a hospital department [or soon would be]. Tres awesome, Roger!

  2. Roger says:

    Hmmm, good point.

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