Inside the House

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“I’m rolling up to Becky’s house on my Sunday drive
I have to laugh to myself ’cause it looks exactly like mine”

–Chris Rice “Me and Becky”

Inside the actual house, probably our favorite pastime was building blanket forts underneath the kitchen table. David and I were famous for setting up the fort with bedding from upstairs, but leaving it all there when we were done and running outside to do something else. This would annoy my grandfather as he was the one who would invariably have to clean up after us. At one time he actually got to the point where he told us “no more forts under the table”. Naturally that lasted about as long as his famous “I’m not taking the two of you to McDonald’s together anymore” promise. Aren’t grandfathers grand?

Inside was also where David broke through the floor while trying to jump over an upstairs floor vent with his eyes closed (#2) (I was in on this one, but I made it across). Another time he chased me around the house with a booger on his finger trying his hardest to get me to eat it. I ended up puking on the carpeted stairs.

Carpeted stairs are fun because kids have just the right combination of soft-backside/don’t-care-attitude to go sliding down the stairs on their bums. This is another event that can entertain children for a while. Don’t try rolling down the stairs wrapped in a blanket like I did, though, else you might crack your head open on the bookshelf at the bottom, again like I did. I think the bottom of the stairs is a horrible place for a bookshelf (and a front door, too, unless it stands wide open all the time) because little kids are always cruising down the stairs as fast as they possibly can. Probably the best thing for the bottom of the stairs is an insanely thick air mattress…or foam padding like they use for pole-vaulters.

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