Qwert Scares Clerk!

Early one morning Qwert could not sleep. He was outside whittling, as is his normal practice to combat unwanted insomnia, when a neighboring beaver ambled by. The beaver, having to make a long commute to his forestry job, looked up to greet Qwert on his way by. Upon seeing Qwert heartily engaged with a lump of wood, the beaver reverted to a primal frenzy. His natural instincts took hold and, dropping his lunch box, the beaver leaped up the stairs to Qwert’s porch, ferally attacking the piece of wood Qwert held. Stunned and scared by this unexpected development, Qwert panicked and ran next door to the 24-hour convenience store for help.

When Qwert entered the convenience store, he looked to the clerk for assistance. The clerk turned white and ran out back for the manager. Not knowing what could have scared the clerk so, unless the rabid beaver was following him, Qwert turned around to look for the signs of pursuit. It was then that he saw his reflection in the glass door and noticed he was still carrying his knife. Being on parole for various other suspicions Qwert knew he could not be caught in the store with a knife. He immediately fled, pocketing the knife and heading for the nearest copse of trees for escape. Sure enough, he later read about the entire misunderstanding in the following morning’s newspaper.

Incidentally, when Qwert returned home there were no sign of the beaver or his lunch box, only scattered woodchips on the porch.

Get Fuzzy--Beaver 1

Get Fuzzy--Beaver 2

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3 Responses to Qwert Scares Clerk!

  1. Hannah says:

    There’s been a siting of the nefarious bever in Greenville. Perhaps some of Qwerty’s associates who live up in this neck of the woods would like to track him down and give him a good whacking. I think Adriene keeps a spare stick around.

  2. Roger says:

    You don’t whack a beaver with wood! That’s like whacking a doberman with a slab of raw meat!

  3. Hannah says:

    Good point… maybe Adriene has some metal poles lying around that she keeps for such an occasion.

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