The Music Baton

So, unbeknowst to me, the baton comes my way from Adriene Holland…and a blog apparently revived from the dead. I acknowledged Kari’s passing, though. I’m constantly getting myself in trouble.

This is going to be hard, not that you’ll know when looking at the finished product, but trust me, it will be hard.

Amount of music on your computer?

I’m not even sure I know how to find this out quick and easily…
357 Files according to the search function, which I don’t think is right because none of my iTunes are on the list’s end result. 😕 (Oh, and there are 7 iTunes songs.)

Currently listening to?

Chris Rice: Run the Earth/Watch the Sky

Five songs that mean a lot to you?

In no particular order:

Wonder” by Chris Rice. This was an easy first one to think of. It is on the CD I’m currently listening to. This song reminds me of Ted Dekker book A Man Called Blessed. In the book a man who had lost his love for God spends time out in the desert just basking in God’s presence, sometime staring in the sky, looking at God and remembering in wonder the relationship that his Father wanted to have with him. This song reminds me to look to God in wonder. The wonder that is His love for me and the fellowship He desires of me.

On My Cross” by FFH. This song is a perfect reminder of the love of Jesus. In concert it is riveting.

Hope to Carry On” by Caedmon’s Call. This is the first Caedmon’s song I remember hearing. When I first decided to find some Christian music to replace my old music, I borrowed some WOW CDs. This was on the first CD I borrowed. I was hooked immediately. The rest is history.

Missing Person” by Michael W Smith. This song was also on that WOW CD I borrowed. I remember this one hitting so close to home. I had a missing person I needed to find. I had wandered a long way from the little kid who had never had an earthly dad, but one day realized that God was fulfilling the role of every father I would ever need.

Thief” by Third Day. I find this song captivating. A definite tear-jerker.

There are definitely as many songs as this, and more, that have a lot of meaning. These were just the first five that came up.

Top five albums?

Warren Barfield (Self Titled). I can’t seem to bring it in the house from out of my car. If I’m ever sick of whatever I have playing in the car, I can always pop this CD in and enjoy.

Caedmon’s Call (Self Titled). My first Caedmon’s CD. After hearing “Lead of Love”, “Not Enough” and “Coming Home” to go with “Hope to Carry On” I was a self proclaimed fanatic.

Smalltown Poets (Self Titled). This CD made me a hooked Poets fan. I’ve weathered a CD I didn’t like so much because I do like the band. The clips they have on their enhanced CDs, the video to “There Is Only You” and the excitement of seeing them in concert has elevated them on high in my musical rankings.

Sonicflood (Self Titled). My first Sonicflood experience. They introduced the worship album to me the way I like it.

I Want To Be Like You (FFH). This CD began my FFH obsession and, while it has been up and down, they still make enough music that I enjoy.

Last album bought?

According to the Menu bar on my site (which won’t keep the Recent CD and Readings in order like I want 👿 )…It’s Later Than It’s Ever Been by Smalltown Poets.

Recent discoveries?

I’d probably like more Todd Agnew if I listened to it.

And the baton goes to:

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4 Responses to The Music Baton

  1. Kari says:

    I have some very fond memories of that first STP CD. I bought it in Nashville, on a road trip with my dad, but we didn’t have a CD player for me to listen to, so I just read the lyrics over and over until I got home and could finally hear it. hehe.

  2. Adriene says:

    Well, since I’m “revived,” how about removing me from the “obits” section?

    It’s moldy in there.

  3. Roger says:

    Adriene, you’re a fiesty lass!

  4. Adriene says:

    Hehehehe. Thank you. 😉

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