Working With Animals

A while back I thought up the idea to explain why I was working at a people hospital when I had a Bachelor’s in Veterinary Science. Then Geof commented that he didn’t know I was going to be a supervisor in a department of the hospital. This clinched my resolve to fully (hopefully) explain myself.

I started my Pre-Vet degree with a friend who was also switching to that major. I have known for a long time that I am allergic to cats, but I thought it would be great to work as a zoo vet. The larger cats don’t give off the same allergens and I would be working with animals, which I love.

A lot of things changed before I finished my degree. The main change was that I got married. Being married, I did not want to move to get my veterinarian degree. Also I took a long (7 year) break during my schooling. Before I left school I let my GPA fall to the point where I would be lucky if any vet school would accept me. So I’m allergic to domestic cats, don’t want to move, and have a poor GPA. I figured I would become a Physician’s Assistant (PA) instead.

A PA makes as much money as a veterinarian, maybe more if you specialize. It would involve dealing with people, though I wanted to work with animals. The degree, however, could be accomplished with 2 straight years of schooling instead of 4-5 for a vet degree. I found this an acceptable replacement; however PA school did not find me acceptable.

I applied to only one PA school my senior year. It was in Maine so we wouldn’t have to move so far away from home. I was not accepted because of lack of clinical (working hands-on with patients) hours. I had 0 clinical hours. You need some sort of degree to get clinical hours in most facilities, yet I needed clinical hours to get a degree. Go figure. I wasn’t heading to school the fall after I graduated.

My wife has been waiting patiently for me to finish my degree so she could go to school. She did not go to college straight out of high school. So, now is her turn to get a higher degree. The plan is to see how far up the organizational ladder I can climb before she finishes her nursing degree. Depending on how I like my job and how much money I’m making, I may go back to school for who-knows-what after she finishes her nursing degree. Right now I’m thinking MBA, but my plans change so often that there is no sense trying to predict anything.

I’m going to continue working at the organization I have been for the last 4 years. I started as office staff in a primary care physicians’ office and then moved to registration. My job now is as a “working supervisor” within a larger department. I have two off-site areas that I supervise.

That is the shortened version of a story I probably could have made a lot longer. I still work with animals, but only one species rather than the multiple species I started school for.

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  1. Aha! Good to know. Thanks for the input, Roger.

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