“You And Me”

This was written about staring up at the nighttime sky. I have done this a few times. Not much, though I do enjoy it. There is just something about insects incessantly gnawing through your skin that takes away from a great outdoors experience.

So this poem/song…I wrote is as a poem, then in my head thought of some music that could go with it. The problem is, since I’m not a musician, I can’t get the music out of my head so others know what I’m hearing. This causes much frustration.

Looking at the stars in the dark, night sky is supposed to cause introspection. You think about yourself, your place in the world, your dreams, the person you are with, anything deep. For me, I would normally think about popcorn; that’s as deep as I get on your average day. Sometimes, however, I surprise even myself and come up with something I really like:

You and Me
We sit beneath the deep, dark sky
You and I
Strain our eyes to see
What could be
We search for truth up there
Words to share
I spied our hopes and dreams
The childhood dreams
Of you…
And me…

We saw summer come and go
Who would know
What things we can’t explain
Joy in pain
This peace I cannot hide
You by my side
With me through all this time
Cherished time
Between you…
And me…

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