Nothing Special

My weird workweek is over, but I’m still not in the mood to sit down and write some stuff that I’ve been wanting to. Right now I’m pretty darned tired; I think I’m still adjusting to my new sleep schedule where I get up at 5 AM to get ready for work instead of anytime in the morning to get ready for 3:30 PM shift.

The exciting news for the day is that I bought a bookshelf for my office. The other bookshelves in the house are overflowing with literature. Just as a home should be. I’m closer to my desire for a fully stocked library/den. 😀 It is a cheap, pressboard bookshelf, but I was only looking for something to hold books until my wife graduates college and we can afford better stuff (she begins college next spring, by the way).

Until then I’m trying to be frugal, though it is truly impossible for us. All I can do is slow the expenditure of money, not stop it. Even slowing it down takes almost Herculean effort, though. We were skimping for so long while I was finishing college that now that we have two full-time paychecks we feel like we deserve a spending spree. That won’t help pay the bills, though, when her schooling begins and she has to work part-time.

Until my wife earns her nursing degree, I’ll enjoy my pressboard bookshelf and not complain one bit.

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