“Tell Me”

Tell me your name is “S”
Let me into a bit of your world
Come and get it off of your chest
Let the secrets you hide slowly unfurl

Tell me you live on 7th Street
Don’t you know I’m never there
It is unlikely we’ll meet
Less likely still that I’ll care

Tell me you love the color blue
Vibrant trees and clear noon skies
Tell me you’ll always love me true
But all I’ll hear are lies


(Officially my 57th poem)

I might have written this before, but it could be amazing to think that someday someone might look back on this poem and say “that guy is jaded” or “he’s got relationship issues”. The thing is, I don’t. The poem was not inspired by any relationship I’ve experienced or thought about.

I was sitting outside during lunch time and the retaining wall around the picnic table was made out of old wooden 4x4s. Hammered into the end of the 4×4 was a thing metal “S”. I assume it is for stability somehow, but have no clue what it really is. That was where the poem started. That’s it. ‘Tell me your name is “S”‘. Nothing more than a thin, metal piece in a block of wood. My mind took off from there.

Naturally much of poetry is shaped by the limited amount of words you can find to rhyme with “x”, the word at the end of the line. So, I had “S” to rhyme with in the first stanza. The second one began with a line that just ‘came to me’. It went along with the first part, so I added it and went from there rhyming.

At the end I wanted to change things around a bit. I was outside, looking at the river and the sky. I originally was going to do a poem about the river, and might still someday, but all that came from it today was “the color blue”. I looked to the sky to help with the last stanza as well. The switcheroo at the end was easy once I was looking for something to rhyme with “skies”.

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  1. Andy Slaughter says:

    Very interesting. The explanation was helpful, too. I liked it, because it is pretty much left up to the reader to wonder who “S” is… And why tehy lie so much. Kinda creepy in a way, but i think it’s cool.

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